A Unique Showcase Including An Exciting Collection Of Curiosities, Along With Mind-boggling Magic Entertainment That Will Have Your Guests Talking For Months After... 

Magic Science Zone can assist you in creating that WOW factor! Whether it's a large or small event, we can create what you need to generate that right amount of buzz and attention. 

"An Entirely New, Startling Exhibition"

We blend your company's message in with unforgettable presentations to create a lasting message that is beamed into the psyche using magic science and mystery!

We will work with you carefully to choose just the right entertainment program for your budget. Unique corporate    or school entertainment is crafted to your custom needs        by our innovative and experienced staff.


Available For Corporations, Hotels, Stores,     Schools And Other Venues - Small Or Large.

Imagine the mind turning experience your guests or patrons will feel as Mysterio reads minds, floats their personal items, and blends numerous mind stunts into a pulse pounding event.                 

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Magic Science Zone! Exhibition Of The Unusual & The Unexpected-Nothing like it has ever been seen before!


Magic Science Zone...The Ultimate Entertainment Attraction, For All Ages. Featuring Mysterio : Strange Man From The Future Arrives In The USA?!

Confused customs officials in America would rather forget about the odd man, now referred to as 'Mysterio', who arrived in the country on an international flight in possession of a perfect passport and other  identification—from a country that didn't exist!

Soon, amazed customs officials found that 'Mysterio' was more than just a stranger in their midst. The impossible man was a stranger from a stranger worlda world that existed in another universe entirely!

This particular story had been validated by police and other officials who chose not to make any public statements due to the fear of ridicule.       

Mysterio has since discovered he was in another universe: ours. He is now a central figure in the Magic Science Zone exhibition, presenting his futuristic concepts, which to us, has every appearance of magic.

Magic Science Zone

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming Buzz Event or Marketing campaign. We can accommodate with affordable options for you or your client. Our shows have appeared at various venues in 28 Countries Around The World! 

“Mysterio's performance was a huge success, captivating the audience with his entertaining magic science and charismatic personality. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Donna M., Beeman State University               

Our company structure also enables us to be execution partners in creative collaborations with public relations, marketing, and other event agencies. For more information, please call 1-888-633-9908 Ext. 3, as we are here to help. Take a look at the site and check out our stock of unique exhibits and entertainment. We can give your department a 'magical' boost - on an as-needed basis.

"Not a showcase you'll forget anytime soon"...              

Audiences are left speechless and go away raving about the unforgettable moments they have just experienced. A Show Totally Unique Unto Itself...with mystery, magic-science and wit, the audience is set on an adventure where an image of the psychic & impossible is crafted upon the canvas of your audience's mind. We make corporate, school, or club events the talk of their lives!

"A huge thank you to you and all your team, the response & comments from guests have been brilliant. We want you back next year."   Heather S. Future Fest

"Mysterio really understands magic. His showcase has a touch of the exotic - unusual, and always mysterious! "   The Magic Castle

Magic Science Zone will astound you. Just A few of our exhibits :,theultimatestreetlevitationmagictricks,magicsets,magicprops,magicshow(China(Mainland))

  • Mysterio : Strange Man From The Future Arrives In The USA?!
  • Mind Boggling Levitations, Mind Readings, Anti-Gravity Device
  • "The Thing" ( Unknown Species )
  • 3 Ft Captured Giant Spider On Display
  • The World's First ChronoSonic Time Machine
  • Interactive Magic Science Demonstrations
  • Underwater Turntable Mystery, Plus Other Exiting Curiosities!

Connectability: We utilize magic & mystery entertainment to increase the emotional  'connectability' of your customers by a factor of at least 500%. 

Image boost: Your group will think you're very 'hip' organizing something different than the standard, boring old methods that they're used to. We make you look like a superstar!    

*In addition, when you book us for a corporate function or publicity event, each of your guest receives a FREE Deluxe 3 Day/2 Night Las Vegas Getaway For Two  ( we purchase the certificates in large quantity at a lower cost bulk rate from our world class travel partner ). In over 33 years our travel distributor has not had one complaint...customers love the deluxe vacations and will have a sense of appreciation and loyalty for your company!

There will be a color mini-poster set up to announce the free vacation promotion to your guests or patrons, compliments of your company! Call for details.          

Your guests or patrons will leave Magic Science Zone  amazed, stunned and not believing their eyes - or ears. They are left with a permanent magical enigma that defies science and creates wonder, and true astonishment...and most of all, sends them away talking about your event long after it's over.

Like Nothing Your Eyes Have Seen Before! More Testimonials :

“It's straight out of the Twilight Zone. Entertains and baffles the sell-out crowd  Liz Aratoon, The Stage

Something altogether impossibly unique, astonishing showcase  D. Horwitz, XXL Magazine 

A groundbreaking exhibition. Never in history has there been anything like this!  Royal Garden Hotel   

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As seen on TV, this believe-it-or-not astounding showcase has intrigued many people both young and old. Many venues & organizations book us come time and time again just curious to know if they really did see what they thought they'd seen, or if their eyes were playing tricks on them! 

Magic Science Zone...your solution for one-of-a-kind entertainment & publicity attractions.


We listen carefully to your goals and requirements and value the depth of the personal relationships we develop with our clients. We measure our success by the contributions we make to our clients success. We are passionate about building your image and helping you maximize your customer's experience.

We specialize in corporate, hotel, store,club & school bookings. 


"I had no idea what to expect, it is really unique, appeals to people of all ages." Kaddy Lee-Preston ABC

Contact us today to discuss our reasonable rates, and let us help you go viral while giving your guests or patrons the ultimate WOW experience .

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Magic Science Zone ™

Our continued success is based on the recommendations of event professionals and satisfied clients. Excellent service and reputation keep clients coming back to Magic Science Zone.